Gluten Free Frenzy Giveaway

If you're a family with gluten or wheat allergies, you probably already know about the great products at Glutino.

Their crackers, pretzels, chocolate covered and yogurt covered pretzels, as well as breakfast bars are some of our favorites.

They also make Gluten Free Pantry.  This is the only cornbread, muffin mix, and french bread mix we buy.  The french bread mix makes GREAT pizza.  It is also our standard go-to for pancake mix because my kids aren't fond of the brown specks in Pamela's (though Pamela's is a great, great gluten free brand!)

You might remember the old Gluten Free Pantry packaging with the cute little aqua and white striped "roof."  They've recently changed to a standard rectangular box.  I have a high amount of suspicion that Gluten Free Pantry was the maker of 365 Gluten Free Mixes at Whole Foods because the boxes are identical.  But, now 365 Mixes (the "store brand mix") are gone and only Gluten Free Pantry remains.  But, I digress...

This week at Gluten Free Frenzy, they're giving away 3 grand prize packages of $25 worth of Glutino products.

Check it out!

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